YMCA East London to Merge

21st December 2016

Yesterday the Boards of YMCA East London (YMCA EL) and YMCA London South West (YMCA LSW) signed a Merger Agreement. This will create the largest YMCA in the UK and is a first step towards creating a London-wide YMCA that is better placed to take a strategic view of the many community services that the YMCA delivers, especially to the young, vulnerable and homeless within our communities. 

Robin Smith, the former interim CEO of YMCA EL, stepped down yesterday and Richard James, the CEO of YMCA LSW, has taken over as Chief Executive of YMCA EL and the new organisation. A new Board of Trustees has been formed which includes former Trustees from both YMCAs, and we will announce a name for the new organisation in the New Year that reflects this emerging London-wide grouping of YMCAs.

We are busy developing a new organisational structure and ensuring we take the best from each YMCA to make something better. The next step will be when the full merger takes place on the 31 March 2017.

Robin Smith, former interim CEO of YMCA EL says:

I have greatly enjoyed working at YMCA EL over the past two years and helping to rebuild YMCA EL to a position that it has been possible to co-found a London-wide YMCA. I would like to thank everyone for their support – it is greatly appreciated.  I wish the new organisation every success for the future”.

Richard James, the new incoming CEO says:

I am looking forward to becoming CEO of both YMCA EL and the new merged organisation. This an exciting and challenging time for both YMCAs, and everyone is working hard to ensure  that we develop a new organisation that provides services that are effective and efficient and that are driven by local need.

“I would like to assure all the people that use our many services that we value their support and custom and that it is very much business as usual whilst we go through the merger process.”