mYPads to Rent in Walthamstow

13th July 2015

Are you aged 18+, working and at risk of homelessness? Then a mYPad could be just the answer!

The end of June saw the completion of a further 20 mYPads at YMCA East London’s (FYMCA) main site in Walthamstow E17. mYPads are shipping containers that have been converted into high-specification, single-occupancy studio units containing a bed, storage space and cooking  and ensuite facilities. 

Unlike the original 10 mYPads, which are earmarked for FYMCA residents, FYMCA are making these 20 mYPads availablefor young, working people who are currently unable to privately rent, are not owed a homelessness duty by the council and find themselves facing homelessness.

The mYPads cost £120 a week to rent, including utilities, plus around £14 a week council tax, allowing residents to save a deposit for more permanent accommodation. Residents will be able to live in a mYPad for a maximum of one year. Anyone interested in applying can download an application form from our website ymcaeastlondon.magnifycreative.co.uk or email mypad@ymcaeastlondon.org.uk

YMCA East London’s Director of Estates, Jessica Laryea said, ‘At a time when it is so difficult for young people to find affordable housing, we are delighted that we now have a further 20 mYPads that we can offer to rent to those at risk of homelessness.  

We were inundated with enquiries about renting a mYPad when we launched the first 10, and feel sure that they will prove popular.’